The One That Got Away

The devil shows up in the dark. He doesn’t see him. I should have seen him.

It’s because he is distracted by her. Her smile. They thought it was over; they thought they were safe.

Safe is a word the devil does not know as he invades their private reunion.

They make small talk, but their glances say everything. Love. I should have told her.

The devil pounces. It is quick and their misguided bliss is shattered.

She protects him, like the angel he always thought she was.

He begs and pleads as he holds her tight. I don’t want you to go.

She is gone. Gone. Her blood on his clothes is now all he has left.

The devil better start running.




One thought on “The One That Got Away

  1. saats9708 says:

    This is so sad! And also, a little creepy. The bolded last line shows so much emotion too. I like how, while told from the third person, you’ve also shown the first person thoughts in italics

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