Hit The Road

Though the bumpy road may have potholes and cracks

It will lead you to where you need to go

You may take the wrong turnoff and lose your way for a time but get back on the road

It will lead you to where you need to go

The map may not always be correct but don’t fret

It will lead you to where you need to go

You may be afraid to go too fast or too slow

But the road will always lead you to where you need to go


Scene Writing Assignment

The window is cold to the touch. He kneels on the hard mattress and tries his best to breath in the fresh air coming from the draft. He can’t get his nose close enough because of the bars but he feels the sting of frost on his cheeks. It is his only source of light, his beacon from the darkness that surrounds him every day. The bed he lies on squeaks every times he moves and the blanket they gave him is much too small. It smells like sweat and urine, needless to say he doesn’t sleep much. Laying on the floor isn’t any better; it is cement and his muscles ache from doing nothing but sitting, laying and waiting. Sometimes he hears the screams of the others. Those who are desperate, and unstable. They wail like sirens that no longer work. They are sometimes too loud and too high. They are punished for screaming, and he hates it when he hears the buzzing of the gates opening because he knows that the silence that follows is that of a deadly fear. He has his window, but he knows that the madness he already feels creeping in his mind will soon consume him and then it will all be over.

Sweet Tooth

*Daily Post: Daily Prompt: Pour Some Sugar on Me

Talk about your favourite desert.

I think I wanted to write about this prompt because it evokes some good memories. I absolutely love strawberry or cherry cheesecake. I don’t have it that often but when I do it is like heaven. I am big into sweets actually but the cheesecake reminds me of one of my birthday parties and my aunt bringing a strawberry cake, because I loved strawberries. My aunt lives in B.C and I don’t see her often and it nice to sit down and have cheesecake and remember her. It reminds me that points in my childhood were good and that I had a family who loved me very much.

I also love cinnamon buns, the kind that you put in the oven and are all warm and creamy when you take them out. I love the taste but again it is because it reminds me of the time my Dad and I made them. My Dad and I don’t always do things together but I vividly remember making cinnamon buns and of course enjoying them after they were done baking. The two favourite deserts I have are because two of my favourite childhood memories, but most people say you associate different things with different memories.

So, tell me are your favourite deserts? Why are they your favourite?

People Don’t See

People don’t see it when they look at you, that sometimes in that mind of yours, you secretly wish that you were a pirate, an actress, a rebel, a spy, or that you wish you could sing or solve crimes, like Sherlock Holmes.

People don’t see it when they look at you, that sometimes in that mind of yours; you’re secretly in another time period. You wish you could have been one of the first to see a Shakespeare play, see Elvis or Sinatra perform, or see the fireworks on July 1st 1867. Whether it’s the Renaissance, 1800’s, the 20’s or 50’s you secretly wish you were there.

People don’t see it when they look at you, that sometimes in that mind of yours you allow yourself to believe in the impossible and that you sometimes find yourself praying for a miracle.

People should see this when they look at you and you secretly hope they do. That you are a friend to anyone and everyone who needs one, that you are a student, prepared and organized. A daughter and a sister, an annoying sister so you’ve been told many times.

And though you secretly wish all those things, it’s no secret that you are the happiest right where you are.



*This is one of the writing exercises we did in class. It’s a cute, short poem.



My mommy made me drink milk while wearing silk.

My mommy took me to the movies and paid with loonies.

My mommy believed in magic and daddy thought that was tragic.




Facebook group offers help for eating disorder

This article caught my eye because I don’t have Facebook but it is nice to hear it is doing something for the greater good and people are expanding groups to help and not bully.  This article is about a university student named Meghan Lamers who suffers from an eating disorder and how joining a Facebook group with people who share the same disorder has helped her.

But this article dives further into what an eating disorder really entails and what else Lamers is doing to help her recovery, and how her disease started in the first place. She is telling her story because she wishes to raise awareness about this disorder and provide help for others who may need it.

Read the whole article here:



Free Day

*Daily Post: Daily Prompt: Nothing But A Good Time

The purpose of this daily prompt was that if you had one day all to yourself; no duties, chores, or obligations, what would you do?

It may seem ordinary to say reading, watching movies, and listening to music. But that is the simple life I lead and for me it causes the most pleasure and relaxation. To have a day where you don’t need to worry and you just watch a couple of cheesy romantic comedies, and catch up on those episodes of your favorite TV show you’ve missed. Just blast the music loud and dance around the house; it would be complete blissful. Make a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the warmth of your house.

Though in the summer I would probably sit outside and read, or go for a swim. I think it is good to have the simplest things bring you the greatest enjoyment. I would want to just be calm and have a couple laughs. Playing cards with my Mom usually brings the most laughs because we get very competitive and there are some choice words. (Ha! I usually win.) And curl up with a good book and just let yourself feel easy go-lucky feeling.

What would you guys do? What are the activities you would do if you had the whole day to yourself?