Arrests made in funeral robberies

I remember hearing about this story on the news where during a funeral of a loved one people would be robbed, and now the police have finally made an arrest. The two women are to be charged with 19 total charges including break and enter, theft, possession of stolen property, and conspiracy to commit and indictable offense. I personally find this kind of act sick and makes me wonder what type of people would do this, to take advantage of people when they are at their most vulnerable. These kind of crimes should not occur but in our increasingly expensive society it has become more common for people to just take the things they want. But this takes it to a whole new level because these people left their home open to go to a  funeral and because of that one little item; they were the victims of yet another blow to their lives and that should never have happened.


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Facebook group offers help for eating disorder

This article caught my eye because I don’t have Facebook but it is nice to hear it is doing something for the greater good and people are expanding groups to help and not bully.  This article is about a university student named Meghan Lamers who suffers from an eating disorder and how joining a Facebook group with people who share the same disorder has helped her.

But this article dives further into what an eating disorder really entails and what else Lamers is doing to help her recovery, and how her disease started in the first place. She is telling her story because she wishes to raise awareness about this disorder and provide help for others who may need it.

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Canadian Farmers Embrace ‘felfie’

The reason this story caught my eye is probably because I live on a farm and my family has farmed for generations, and I just couldn’t help but laugh at this story and share it, especially given the rural place we live in. I know of a selfie which I find a strange word but nonetheless it is a trend. My Dad is not a computer person and I can never imagine him taking a picture while working; it would just never happen. But I guess that goes to show how far behind he is in tech. This is the new thing. We must know what others are doing every minute of everyday. I am not sure a ‘felfie’ is a very appealing word but it is a nice concept to see how farmers go about their day. It makes me remember a conversation I had with a friend of people don’t think of farmers anymore. I think this is a good way to kind of get people more interested. The article has some examples of these new ‘felfies’ and they are quite funny; there is even one with our premier.

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Secret Tipper Leaving Behind Thousands for Wait Staff

I found this article really moving. In a world where we hear about bad things happening; it is nice to read a story about someone who is trying to make a difference.  Since September in the US, someone has been leaving behind thousands of dollars in tips at different restaurants.

But what makes it even more interesting is the Instagram account called TipsForJesus is documenting all the tips given. If you check out the article it shows some the receipts people have received. The person responsible for the account seems to not be answering any questions but I just want to say thank to you, if they should ever read this blog. It is nice to see someone who cares about others and it definitely inspires me. I know there have been stories of this going around, but it always amazes me to hear about them.

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Piantist Faces 7 Years in Jail for ‘noise pollution’

This article recently caught my eye and when I read it I was a little surprised. For the first reason: who takes someone to court for playing the piano? Not only that, the person facing jail time is a professional, and this takes place in Spain and people complain of noise all the time. The prosecutors plan on sending not only the piano player, 27, to jail but also the parents of the pianist for causing psychological damage and noise pollution. Sonia Bosom claims she suffered from 2003-2007 due to long sessions from Laia Martin who lived below her in the town of Puigcerda.

The different evidence given by both sides is intriguing: medical reports for Bosom claiming she is suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and panic problems. And reports about the sound levels being close to a normal conversation really amazed me, because who knew we can talk louder than when someone plays the piano.

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