English Journal

*This is an English journal I wrote for grade 11.

What is the one thing that excites, relaxes, and drives me in one single sitting? I would have to say reading. I know since this is an English journal that might sound a little cheesy. But it is the truth: I really like reading. I feel like people who don’t read or don’t like reading just do not understand what they are missing. When I read it’s like I am in another world, from a different place or time period, and I have become a different person. I am engrossed in a story that I enjoy from the very first page. Even if I don’t find a book interesting if it mildly intrigues me I will most likely finish it. And although it may sound strange I do fall in love with the characters. I want the happy ending that most books have, the love stories and the spunky best friends shy main characters get. Maybe it is because my life is boring or I think it’s boring.

For me life is routine: wake up, get ready, go to school, come home, do homework and usually my extra things consist of listening to music, reading, watching TV and spending time on my computer. My life is like a normal teenagers life should be except maybe for the reading part. And to me I want excitement, action, mystery and romance and for now the only place I can get that are books and my own imagination.

Since I have this deep affection for books I also have a love of writing my own stories. I want to create an adventure for another person to read and to fall in love with as I have with many other authors. A huge dream of mine is to publish my own novel. It is my ultimate goal to have something of mine read by millions of people, for them to crush on my characters and picture themselves in my world. I mean who doesn’t want to go to Hogwarts? Or spend a day with Katniss Everdeen? I get it that some people don’t want to be involved in that sort of fantasy and if I never get to publish anything then that would be okay because I am sure I can entertain myself with my own stories. If no one reads my books or likes what I have dreamed up in my own little world then I am not going to cry and scream. Okay, I might be upset but I will try my best because like my favorite quote states: “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” (Confucius) And if I decide to go in the direction of writing a book then I will go with all my heart.


The End of the Line

*Daily Post: Daily Prompt: Don’t You Forget About Me

What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

I know, probably, that I will not be famous and I will not leave behind a famous piece of work that I do, so this prompt made me wonder what I do want to leave behind, and what I want my lasting effect to be. It made me realize that I want family to be my lasting effect. I want my family to remember me as a loving and caring person. I want my children and grandchildren to remember me in my happiest times and I hope they celebrate my life instead of mourning my death. I want my friends to know that I was there for them through thick and thin.  I want to leave this world knowing that I have lived the only life I could possible lead, and that I have lived my life to the very fullest.

Legacy is a hard word to describe, because it can mean so many different things to different people. My legacy wouldn’t be complex or overambitious. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want adventure in my life, that I want to try new things and meet new people, but I think in the end all I really want is a good home and good family who knows when I leave them that they were the best thing that happened to me and that they are my legacy.

Tell me, what do you guys what your legacy to be?


Sweet Tooth

*Daily Post: Daily Prompt: Pour Some Sugar on Me

Talk about your favourite desert.

I think I wanted to write about this prompt because it evokes some good memories. I absolutely love strawberry or cherry cheesecake. I don’t have it that often but when I do it is like heaven. I am big into sweets actually but the cheesecake reminds me of one of my birthday parties and my aunt bringing a strawberry cake, because I loved strawberries. My aunt lives in B.C and I don’t see her often and it nice to sit down and have cheesecake and remember her. It reminds me that points in my childhood were good and that I had a family who loved me very much.

I also love cinnamon buns, the kind that you put in the oven and are all warm and creamy when you take them out. I love the taste but again it is because it reminds me of the time my Dad and I made them. My Dad and I don’t always do things together but I vividly remember making cinnamon buns and of course enjoying them after they were done baking. The two favourite deserts I have are because two of my favourite childhood memories, but most people say you associate different things with different memories.

So, tell me are your favourite deserts? Why are they your favourite?

Free Day

*Daily Post: Daily Prompt: Nothing But A Good Time

The purpose of this daily prompt was that if you had one day all to yourself; no duties, chores, or obligations, what would you do?

It may seem ordinary to say reading, watching movies, and listening to music. But that is the simple life I lead and for me it causes the most pleasure and relaxation. To have a day where you don’t need to worry and you just watch a couple of cheesy romantic comedies, and catch up on those episodes of your favorite TV show you’ve missed. Just blast the music loud and dance around the house; it would be complete blissful. Make a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the warmth of your house.

Though in the summer I would probably sit outside and read, or go for a swim. I think it is good to have the simplest things bring you the greatest enjoyment. I would want to just be calm and have a couple laughs. Playing cards with my Mom usually brings the most laughs because we get very competitive and there are some choice words. (Ha! I usually win.) And curl up with a good book and just let yourself feel easy go-lucky feeling.

What would you guys do? What are the activities you would do if you had the whole day to yourself?




Two summers ago I convinced my parents to buy me a bow and arrow. At the time I wanted it for entertainment, and enjoyment. I did not want it just because of the Hunger Games phase, and it wasn’t because I was so bored I needed to have a weapon to have fun. I wanted the power and the rush of hitting that target, and to do something that would make me feel confident. I don’t like sports so I guess I just wanted to have something to show that I wasn’t weak. That I was powerful in my own right and no one could take that away from me. But it turns out you can’t just buy a bow and arrow and be a natural instantly.

It is not easy to actually hit the target the first time you’ve ever done it. It is something you have to learn and I was a little impatient. And it had unexpected consequences, when you release an arrow from a bow the line can hit you and hurt. I wasn’t expecting that. I just wanted it for my own selfish reasons and in fact you have to practice to be powerful. I didn’t use it this past summer; I told myself it was because I was too busy working but deep down I know that’s just a lame excuse. I had wanted it so bad in the beginning then I should want to use it all the time right? In the end it was another powerful thing that again turned me into the weak one. Maybe I shouldn’t have been afraid but it is common for people to not want to get hurt.

That huge bruise that swelled up on my arm made me realize, at that moment, maybe I was not meant to be powerful. I am powerful in other ways through academics and the power of family and friendship. But maybe if I allow myself to be strong and practice the bow and arrow, then maybe after a while it won’t hurt me anymore. Maybe this summer I’ll have to dig it up again; we can’t always be afraid of the things that hurt us. After all, what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, right?


Youth Appreciation

Last night, three students from WO, myself included, were honoured at the New Dundee Optimist Club for Youth Appreciation. I was quite surprised when I was told that I was being honoured because I  am one of those more quiet students that enjoys being more behind the scenes. It’s good to know that students are being recognized for not only their athletics, academics but also their positive attitudes and their work ethic in class. It made me proud to know that people notice those kids in the background who help out when they are needed and are always willing to learn.

They were also honouring kids from public schools and churches, and when listening to their achievements it made me realize that there are many kids out the with the potential to succeed and I like how this award shows them that they have great futures ahead of them even if they are not involved in many sports or clubs.

I just wanted to thank the teachers and all the organizers who were there. Also thanks to Ms.Bodkin and Ms. Kipfer and all the teachers at our school for the wonderful letter that they gave me.  I had never really gotten anything like this before and it felt really great to be appreciated for being productive in the classroom, and being a role model. Also congrats to Shauna and the other recipient who were also there last night, and it will definitely be a memorable thing that I will always cherish.

Winter Whiplash

Christmas and New Years are over and it is that waiting period again. The waiting for the spring and March Break. I find myself so excited for the snow and cold before Christmas because it is something to look forward too. But it is the same thing every year after the holidays I go into a strange sort of routine of feeling more blue. It is grey and gloomy outside and I feel it very subtly in my mood and how I behave. I have heard people talk about this before, how January and February are the more depressing months of the year. The weather is most definitely a factor of that, but it is also that feeling of getting back into the motion of things. Adults and students alike are all getting back into work-mode.

No matter what occupation you have or grade you’re in; I think it is safe to assume that it takes us a little bit to get back into the groove of things. I remember the first day back; it was exciting to see all my friends and catch up but the second day it hit me like a ton of bricks. Fatigue. I am glad to be back at school and have my brain whirling with thoughts, and yes, the stress of future but humans are meant to be thinking. We are meant to be in this conventional circle of life. We go through the same dynamics every year, and that is why we must take the time to enjoy ourselves and our families during the holidays, because as the song says, “the weather outside is frightful..” And for that reason the winter can be very dispiriting for all of us but we must always remember the circle, because after winter comes spring and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel(even if you can’t see it through the snow and fog).