Season Finale Season

It’s that time of year again. School is gradually winding down, with about 7 classes left to go. But there are other big changes in the air, well actually on our TV screens. May is the time of year when our favorite TV shows leave us for a few months, and of course the annual cliffhangers are sometimes what most fans dread the most. Cliffhangers are a simple way to bring people back to watch again next season and watching my favorite shows finales this year made me realize something I never have before. Writers are clever. Okay, I have made that connection before. Especially, when watching a comedy and really laughing harder than I ever have before, and thinking “Wow, I don’t know if I could write jokes that good.”

But what I am talking about now is that how season finales have so many layers too them; they must pull together all the story lines of the season, they must purpose new questions for the audience to ponder over the summer and overall as I mentioned they must be clever. Some go for the shock factor, the emotional factor, or the action factor, or usually a combination of all the elements that their show portrays.

Most plot twists have been re-done over and over but if writers are clever then they do it in a whole new way. They make people think they’re going one way when they go another, they make people think one person is a villain when really it’s another. Writers are creative, and must work with what they are given. I don’t mind the occasional ending of a show where everything is wrapped up in a nice way and the characters took care of what needed to be done and they’re simply taking a break with us over the summer. But it’s okay to have shock every once in a while.

But we, as fans, expect those huge shocking twists, and I guess I want to thank the writers and show runners for pulling them off for all the years television has been around. Thanks for making us think. Thanks for making us wonder.

Season finales must show that the characters learned something that year, that somehow they grew, and the audience grew with them. It’s the showcase for all of the build-up and the tension, and it makes me realize that these producers, writers, creators are very good at what they do.

Thanks for all you give us, season finales. See you next season!


One thought on “Season Finale Season

  1. rothl2150 says:

    yes, I hate all the cliffhangers but have to admit that all the unanswered questions are what brings me back. Although I was dissapointed with some of the finales this year.

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