Blood Diamond

I recently watched this movie in my law class, and I was absolutely blown away by it. Obviously this movie touches on a very serious subject of the blood diamond industry in Sierra Leone in 1999.   This movie also focuses some time on the child soldiers during this time. The performances in this movie were absolutely heart wrenching especially by Djimon Hounsou who plays Solomon Vandy, a man taken by the rebel forces to search for diamonds, and taken away from his family. The plot focuses on his struggle to try to find his family and helping the character played by Leonardo DiCaprio find a large diamond he had hidden away.

The movie is graphically very violent, but it made the movie feel much more real, and I am glad the creators the movie didn’t sugar coat the very scary and dangerous environment these people were living in. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Danny Archer, a man from Zimbabwe, who is a smuggler, and he gives a powerful performance also adding ferocity to his character and the scenes between him and Hounsou are full of different emotions played gracefully and are dynamic to watch.

The scenes with the child soldiers though made me very emotional. The rebels were forcing these children to do inhuman acts and were brainwashing them to think a certain way. It made me think of how lucky I am to live in a country where this would never happen. And though it was just on a screen, I know that this actually happened and those kids probably went through much worse things and it felt very momentous to be watching it, so it could shed light on the issues.

I would recommend this movie if you are interested in the blood diamond industry, but even if you’re not, I would still recommend it. The acting is phenomenal, and the setting and music add immensely to the serious atmosphere. The dialogue definitely makes you think and it brings up many moral topics of discussion. I will watch this movie again because I feel like you can get something different from it each time you watch. If you have seen this movie, tell me what did you think of it?


2 thoughts on “Blood Diamond

  1. cvetwo says:

    For me, this was the performance that showed Leonardo DiCaprio could act and wasn’t just a pretty face.


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