Sweet Tooth

*Daily Post: Daily Prompt: Pour Some Sugar on Me

Talk about your favourite desert.

I think I wanted to write about this prompt because it evokes some good memories. I absolutely love strawberry or cherry cheesecake. I don’t have it that often but when I do it is like heaven. I am big into sweets actually but the cheesecake reminds me of one of my birthday parties and my aunt bringing a strawberry cake, because I loved strawberries. My aunt lives in B.C and I don’t see her often and it nice to sit down and have cheesecake and remember her. It reminds me that points in my childhood were good and that I had a family who loved me very much.

I also love cinnamon buns, the kind that you put in the oven and are all warm and creamy when you take them out. I love the taste but again it is because it reminds me of the time my Dad and I made them. My Dad and I don’t always do things together but I vividly remember making cinnamon buns and of course enjoying them after they were done baking. The two favourite deserts I have are because two of my favourite childhood memories, but most people say you associate different things with different memories.

So, tell me are your favourite deserts? Why are they your favourite?


One thought on “Sweet Tooth

  1. rothl2150 says:

    My favorite desert would have to be a type of truffle or pudding that my grandmother makes for us every year when we decorate our gingerbread houses. It has become a tradition and is also delicious.

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