Facebook group offers help for eating disorder

This article caught my eye because I don’t have Facebook but it is nice to hear it is doing something for the greater good and people are expanding groups to help and not bully.  This article is about a university student named Meghan Lamers who suffers from an eating disorder and how joining a Facebook group with people who share the same disorder has helped her.

But this article dives further into what an eating disorder really entails and what else Lamers is doing to help her recovery, and how her disease started in the first place. She is telling her story because she wishes to raise awareness about this disorder and provide help for others who may need it.

Read the whole article here:




One thought on “Facebook group offers help for eating disorder

  1. rotht2168 says:

    Its nice to see how Facebook can have an actual postitive impact on the world instead of just being considered a “time waster”.

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