Proflie: Shelby Wagler

*I wrote this profile of a friend a while ago.

Shelby Wagler: Farm Girl

She insists on sitting across from me, but I don’t think she prefers the distance. I think she likes the eye contact and she does not want to hide from me. She is ready to be open. We start with her future plans, and at first she is hesitant, thinking. But finally she explains where and why. It makes sense that a future in agriculture is what she plans since she is wearing a John Deere shirt, and her heritage is rooted deeply in farming and animals.

“Animals are my people” She claims. It’s hard to imagine her in a big city office dressed professionally, while she’s sitting here hair up and in comfortable clothing. She is certainly a homebody, but does hope to travel. Although, she laughs as she tells me that she is always worried about something going wrong after getting sick on a trip a few years ago.

Shelby is considerate of her family’s profession, and tells me that if she had grown up in a city that she would hope to have appreciated the farmers and not be a snotty kid who didn’t understand the importance of our farming community. She surprises me when she tells me that she wants to cure cancer; she wants to be that person to make all the pain go away.

Shelby Wagler let me in on her treasured goals, and her love of where she is and where she’s from. But I am sure where she is going will only make her a more diverse individual and further her admiration for the more simple lifestyle.


One thought on “Proflie: Shelby Wagler

  1. wagls6373 says:

    Wow this is a really great profile… It describes me really well although one day I do hope to bring agriculture to the city where everyone will realize how important farmers really are.

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