Youth Appreciation

Last night, three students from WO, myself included, were honoured at the New Dundee Optimist Club for Youth Appreciation. I was quite surprised when I was told that I was being honoured because I  am one of those more quiet students that enjoys being more behind the scenes. It’s good to know that students are being recognized for not only their athletics, academics but also their positive attitudes and their work ethic in class. It made me proud to know that people notice those kids in the background who help out when they are needed and are always willing to learn.

They were also honouring kids from public schools and churches, and when listening to their achievements it made me realize that there are many kids out the with the potential to succeed and I like how this award shows them that they have great futures ahead of them even if they are not involved in many sports or clubs.

I just wanted to thank the teachers and all the organizers who were there. Also thanks to Ms.Bodkin and Ms. Kipfer and all the teachers at our school for the wonderful letter that they gave me.  I had never really gotten anything like this before and it felt really great to be appreciated for being productive in the classroom, and being a role model. Also congrats to Shauna and the other recipient who were also there last night, and it will definitely be a memorable thing that I will always cherish.


2 thoughts on “Youth Appreciation

  1. cvetwo says:

    Congratulations to you-that is great!


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