Donde Estas, Yolanda?

This is a song I recently heard featured on a favorite show of mine. Though it was in the background it instantly caught my ‘ear’, and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. The catchy beat and smooth singing voice made it a song that people can definitely dance too. Yes, some might not know the words; I believe it is a love song. But it’s upbeat and I like songs that are a little different; songs that have suave music. It’s a different variety of music that everyone might not enjoy but this is a song that really cheers up my mood the moment I hear it. It’s by a group called Pink Martini.

I don’t why I like songs in other languages, maybe because it immerses me in their culture or because I lose myself in the music and the words become secondary. I am not a music expert; I just listen to songs that I find memorable, and this is one of those. The singer has a way of effortlessly singing and it hooks you in.

Have a listen, and tell me what you think…


2 thoughts on “Donde Estas, Yolanda?

  1. kippm6019 says:

    I too love music in other language, but its probably because I find a beauty in their languages. I find our language to be so bitter since I’ve heard the darkness it expresses. However foreign languages present a new, fresh beauty through simple naivety.

  2. rotht2168 says:

    I find this music can be beautiful, yet at the same time confusing. Unless you know the language, its really a mystery of what is actually being said.

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