Winter Whiplash

Christmas and New Years are over and it is that waiting period again. The waiting for the spring and March Break. I find myself so excited for the snow and cold before Christmas because it is something to look forward too. But it is the same thing every year after the holidays I go into a strange sort of routine of feeling more blue. It is grey and gloomy outside and I feel it very subtly in my mood and how I behave. I have heard people talk about this before, how January and February are the more depressing months of the year. The weather is most definitely a factor of that, but it is also that feeling of getting back into the motion of things. Adults and students alike are all getting back into work-mode.

No matter what occupation you have or grade you’re in; I think it is safe to assume that it takes us a little bit to get back into the groove of things. I remember the first day back; it was exciting to see all my friends and catch up but the second day it hit me like a ton of bricks. Fatigue. I am glad to be back at school and have my brain whirling with thoughts, and yes, the stress of future but humans are meant to be thinking. We are meant to be in this conventional circle of life. We go through the same dynamics every year, and that is why we must take the time to enjoy ourselves and our families during the holidays, because as the song says, “the weather outside is frightful..” And for that reason the winter can be very dispiriting for all of us but we must always remember the circle, because after winter comes spring and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel(even if you can’t see it through the snow and fog).


5 thoughts on “Winter Whiplash

  1. cvetwo says:

    Go back a couple hundred years or more, before the conventional work week evolved and even the concept of weekends didn’t really exist and every day was the same, a struggle for survival…it makes seasonal affective disorder seem kind of silly.


  2. saats9708 says:

    Personally, I was pretty down until I came back to school. I found that, while relaxing, spending so much time at home was driving me mad.

  3. langc6530 says:

    January and February, while full of yucky weather, are not the most difficult months of the year, in my opinion. I always have a harder time dealing with school stress and gloom in November, it seems. My mom and I have always referred to November as the “armpit” of the school year for good reason. c:

  4. wagls6373 says:

    Yes this is the time where it takes too long for spring to come but yet when it does so does exams. So, you are waiting for the warmer weather but the thought of exams also makes it seems slightly bearable in a way.

  5. whiskey says:

    no one wants to go outside in the winter because its cold. as much as it is nice to stay curled up inside watching movies, its also nice to finally be outside enjoying the sun. its only january and everyone’s already suffering from a little bit of spring fever!

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