Canadian Farmers Embrace ‘felfie’

The reason this story caught my eye is probably because I live on a farm and my family has farmed for generations, and I just couldn’t help but laugh at this story and share it, especially given the rural place we live in. I know of a selfie which I find a strange word but nonetheless it is a trend. My Dad is not a computer person and I can never imagine him taking a picture while working; it would just never happen. But I guess that goes to show how far behind he is in tech. This is the new thing. We must know what others are doing every minute of everyday. I am not sure a ‘felfie’ is a very appealing word but it is a nice concept to see how farmers go about their day. It makes me remember a conversation I had with a friend of people don’t think of farmers anymore. I think this is a good way to kind of get people more interested. The article has some examples of these new ‘felfies’ and they are quite funny; there is even one with our premier.

Check them out:




One thought on “Canadian Farmers Embrace ‘felfie’

  1. simmk2287 says:

    This is super cute! Also a great way to see a little ‘behind the scenes’ actions on farms since many people don’t understand how much hard work and dedication it takes to run a farm.

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