It’s A Wonderful Life

It is that time of year again. Christmas. The singing, the lights, the trees, the presents and of course the Christmas movies. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you my favorite Christmas movie. It’s A Wonderful Life. It is most definitely a classic. It was released in 1946 and most people know the premise but I will explain for those who don’t really know.

It is about a man named George Bailey, and we see him through his life and all the lives he touches. Though he gets himself in trouble and of course the infamous plot of him thinking he should never have been born causes an angel to show him the error of his thoughts.  It is truly an inspirational tale, because we can all relate to those times when we feel like we have let everyone down but really in the end we need to see that we as people can help more and be positive instead of always thinking of the negative.

It is an emotional movie but heart-warming to watch right to the end, because you feel as if you’ve been through all of the tragedies and the miracles with George Bailey.  It never ceases to amaze me how every time I watch it; it completely lifts my spirit because it makes me think about the people who have been in my life who I don’t know how I would live without. But it is not just that, there are other little messages in the movie too. That there is that one love and you may never know you have found it until it is staring you right in the face. That if you treat people with kindness they will treat you with kindness back.

I may have been ranting on too much, but I love this movie with a very deep passion. It is hard to explain when you love something so much and others do not feel the same. But if you have the time to watch at least a little bit then please do.  It is one of those movies you should at least see once.

Tell me, what is your favorite Christmas movie?



4 thoughts on “It’s A Wonderful Life

  1. langc6530 says:

    My favourite Christmas movie will forever be A Christmas Story because it’s a family traditional to watch it at least once every holiday season. I love it so much that I can quote lines from it; something I can’t do with any other movies (except maybe the original Herbie the Love Bugs. :D)

  2. wagls6373 says:

    Yes that is a great movie to watch and it amazes me how much we are needed when we don’t think that we are. I think the Sound of Music is a really great movie too. I just watched the full thing in German class and the message it gives is just so inspiring. Stay strong even when your country is falling apart.

  3. rotht2168 says:

    My favourite movie would be The Polar Express. It is a kids movie, but for some reason I just love watching it.

  4. kippm6019 says:

    I love Its a Wonderful Life, so sweet ouo My favourite Christmas movie has to be Santa Clause is Coming to Town! I never miss it, I require my family to watch it! Why we don’t own it is aside me but I love it so very very much ❤

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