Phenomenal Woman

I studied this poem last year in English and it is definitely still a favourite of mine. It is by Maya Angelou and is a powerful poem about a woman who is in her own right phenomenal. The reason I love this poem is because Angelou does not describe the perfect woman, instead she describes a woman’s best features, and the things that we as women should be proud to have. It is a fun poem and it boosts my confidence as a young girl, because I don’t need to have the skinny hips or flat stomach to know I am phenomenal. It is about our inner woman, our style and grace.

That we can, as women always be phenomenal we just have to believe in ourselves and have the fearlessness to allow ourselves to show it. I like how Angelou doesn’t name any specific woman rather allowing the reader to picture themselves in that position.  It is really an inspiring piece of writing, and could be meant to cheer up any girl who does not think she is pretty enough. It’s not about looks. If we show confidence then we can be phenomenal.

I encourage you to read it; it will put a smile on your face.


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