Picture Perfect

Yesterday was a milestone in my life as a teenager. I got my graduation photos taken, and it was definitely a different but good experience. As we all know from years of having school pictures done, we worry and fuss over one photo that takes about 10 seconds to have done. We chose our pose and our background and we are finished.

But grad photos, well I called it a milestone. And it is. It is a memento that we will look at years from and show our children and grandchildren, and they’ll laugh at how young we look and how different we were.  Grad photos are a whole different ballpark. For starters the photographer actually cared about how I looked, and it made me a lot more comfortable. In the future I want to look back not just at the pictures but at the memories as a whole. I will remember the times I had, and the people I met just because I look at a picture. I am trying to say it’s not really the picture that’s a milestone, it is that high school is coming to a close and having these pictures taken made me realize it a whole lot more.

Things are changing, and the future may not look picture perfect but at least I know that one step to graduating went well even if it was just having my photo taken.


2 thoughts on “Picture Perfect

  1. langc6530 says:

    Yeah, even though it felt a bit awkward to be tweaked into a bunch of (unnatural) positions, the photographer assured me that they actually look flattering, don’t worry! Maybe that’s why everyone’s best side is captured in grad photos–there’s more than one take and the photographers pay more attention to detail. 🙂

  2. saats9708 says:

    I agree, I was expecting someone with a bored, lets-get-this-over-with attitude, but they were actually quite friendly. Also, I like your joke on picture perfect.

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