Piantist Faces 7 Years in Jail for ‘noise pollution’

This article recently caught my eye and when I read it I was a little surprised. For the first reason: who takes someone to court for playing the piano? Not only that, the person facing jail time is a professional, and this takes place in Spain and people complain of noise all the time. The prosecutors plan on sending not only the piano player, 27, to jail but also the parents of the pianist for causing psychological damage and noise pollution. Sonia Bosom claims she suffered from 2003-2007 due to long sessions from Laia Martin who lived below her in the town of Puigcerda.

The different evidence given by both sides is intriguing: medical reports for Bosom claiming she is suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and panic problems. And reports about the sound levels being close to a normal conversation really amazed me, because who knew we can talk louder than when someone plays the piano.

Read the whole article here:





7 thoughts on “Piantist Faces 7 Years in Jail for ‘noise pollution’

  1. rotht2168 says:

    Was the person that bad at the piano? Or there must have been some other unreported events

    • magnc8858 says:

      I don’t think she was bad; I think it was the fact she played all the time because she is a professional and I think others had reported her playing too much as well. I think it just ended up affecting Bosom in a negative way more than the others.

      • rotht2168 says:

        Freedom. I believe if she wants to play the piano all day, she should be allowed to. However, I know this is not the way it works in other countries.

  2. gunts8573 says:

    This could be a result of a few flaws in Spain’s justice system!!

  3. saats9708 says:

    Did the parents force their child to play? They could have pushed her to obsession.

    • magnc8858 says:

      I don’t think she was obsessed with playing. She simply had to practice a lot, because she is known to be a professional. Though maybe you have a point, maybe her parents pushed her into this. But I think she really loves playing the piano.

  4. millr4481 says:

    some people must have no patience or must get annoyed fairly quickly if you need to take someone to court over piano playing that is quieter than a normal conversation. There are so many critical things I want to say about this article but my comment would probably end up being a full essay. It just astounds me. In Canada, a noise complaint like that would be a fine of $110, but in Spain, 7 years in a federal prison seems a little bit much.

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