Thor: The Dark World

This weekend I had the wonderful experience of seeing Thor: The Dark World(directed by Alan Taylor), which is of course the sequel to the 2011 Thor.  Though this movie played more into continuing the events of the 2012 movie The Avengers. If you have not seen either movie then I will try my best to not reveal any spoilers.

Let’s start with obvious: I like action movies, and of course with this kind of movie you expect action. And man did we get action. The fight scenes were epic and special effects added to the movie immensely.  There was a villain of course, the Dark Elf Malekith, who has an ancient beef with the people of Asgard. In the beginning moments of the movie they explain to the viewers why Malekith is angry and basically what he is after.  As a villan, he does the job to cause fear in  those in the Asgardian world, and of me as a viewer.

But in action movies I also enjoy a story and some sort of theme, and the theme in this movie was family, most specifically, brotherhood, and the dynamic between Thor and Loki. I enjoyed the way they played out the issues they were facing with their trust issues in each other, because it fit with the family theme, and how they had to team up for a common goal. Of course, there is also romance but I found they did not spend too much time furthering Thor’s romantic life instead opting to spend more time on his love towards his brother Loki, which of course there is love, but there is also heartache, lots of heartache.

In movies I can’t just enjoy the overall plot of the movie; I find I have to like the little moments, and the things they put in for loyal fans. There were wonderful surprises and the little humourous moments added to the enjoyable movie.  And then there’s the ending, which will leave you reeling for days. What a way to end!

I give this movie 9/10, because I did not see it in 3D and I don’t think it is necessary to have in 3D. This movie is totally worth a re-watch.


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