She Wonders

She wonders…

She wonders where he goes…

When the city is asleep and everything is quiet…(She hates the silence)

She wonders if he knows…

That she waits for him and cries for the emptiness he causes…(She hides it in the morning)

She wonders about the clothes…

He wears with the stains of red, and the smell of lavender…(She does not wear lavender)

She wonders if she shows…

Enough love, and affection…(She is paranoid)

She wonders about the pros…

Of staying with a man who is there but not…(She is afraid to leave)

She wonders about those…

Who whisper behind her back…(She can see their stares)

She wonders…





3 thoughts on “She Wonders

  1. rotht2168 says:

    I enjoyed this because of the mystery to the piece. It made me think about who “she” and “he” really is

  2. saats9708 says:

    I really like this, its almost eerie. You have to wonder who these people really are. And the statements in brackets sound like someone is whispering a secret to the reader.

  3. rothl2150 says:

    After reading this, it is evident to me that this guy is cheating on his wife.

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