Here’s to you Shauna..

I just wanted to say thank you. I know the past few years have been tough for both of us; getting used to the demands of high school. But you are one of the few who will debate with me about the questions of the universe, and you are someone I feel comfortable with, comfortable enough to chat about the fate of humankind, the question of normality and reality, and you run with it. We debate and we discuss but most of all you don’t judge.  You take every thing I throw at you in stride and have a witty response right away. You know who you are. You do not care what others think.

We are abnormal friends Shauna, and that’s why I am proud to call you a friend. I worry for the future, will we both change? Will society make us question our very thoughts and feelings? It may affect me but not you. You are an inspiration to me. I thank you for everything. Don’t change Shauna, ever. Life would never be the same if you were normal, and I wouldn’t change you for anything. Your exciting attitude often makes my day, and you know I love to make fun. But in all seriousness, you make me smile and that’s whats it about, because if we don’t smile and if we don’t laugh then who are we? I know who you are Shauna, you are a thoughtful, intelligent person. Thank you for being you.


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