Birthday Blues

Today is my birthday. The same question is always asked. “So, how does it feel to be (whatever age I am that year)?” I always give the same answer. I don’t feel any different, but yet I am different. So when does this change of our minds and bodies occur? I used to think I grew at night when no one else was around. But that’s not really the truth, and to be honest my mind changes daily. The environment that surrounds us changes our minds. We go through the levels of education which changes us mentally and intelligently.

And through friends and media we find out things we maybe shouldn’t know, and kids are learning them earlier and earlier nowadays. I called this post Birthday Blues because I realize as I age my birthday is becoming less of an event and more of an everyday thing. My Dad’s birthday is earlier in October and he hardly acknowledged it, well he still had to because my family acknowledged it for him. I asked him what he thought of his birthday, and he basically said it was just like any other day. It is the same for my Mom’s birthday, though she makes sure we remember. It makes me wonder why we make such a big deal about it as kids when we just try to forget it as we get older. Maybe it’s because of those changes, kids love to know they are getting older, and that when they are older they will be given the information they have always wanted to desperately know. So when does it become thinking that we no longer want to get older?

I personally can’t wait for my next birthday, because I know there are still many more wonderful things to look forward too. I want everyone to feel that way, but maybe that is too much to hope for. I am not feeling blue today, and I hope to not feel blue on any of my future birthdays. Tonight I will celebrate with my family and tomorrow will just be another day and for me I will not feel older but deep down I am changing into someone maybe completely different; you’ll just have to ask on my next birthday.


3 thoughts on “Birthday Blues

  1. jeffa5359 says:

    Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And secondly, I completely agree. Getting older is such an odd sensation to describe. It’s an inner, constant growth that we tend to only acknowledge once a year.

  2. langc6530 says:

    I guess we just have to really think about it when people ask us that inevitable “do you feel ?” Because I remember when I turned sixteen last May and I was thinking, “No, I feel the same today as I did yesterday…”

    But I suppose I did feel sixteen when I compared my birthday this year to my birthday from, say, last year. I felt MUCH older.

  3. rotht2168 says:

    I think age is only a number that depends on the shape of the person. You could be 40 but if your in great shape, feel like your 25.

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