What’s up with Shakespeare?

I get it, I really do. Shakespeare is complicated, and he’s dead. Why would we have to read the works of a dead guy? I am not here to hate on him. I am also not here to call out on those who hate Shakespeare. The reason I am here is to say that I as a student actually am one of the few who like him.

Am I saying I understand every single word? No.  But that is the mystery of Shakespeare, what is he really talking about? At least to me, I find it intriging to relate modern problems back to Shakepseare, because it really is amazing to see how much forward thinking he was. It may be silly, but I would have loved to see one of his plays live back then, and to see the surprise on the audience’s faces when the unexpected happened, like SPOILER: when Romeo killed himself right before Juliet woke up, or being afraid of the witches in a time of superstition.  The stuff that people have now been talking about for hundreds of years. What would it have been like to see it the first time?

If you don’t like Shakespeare, fine. Sometimes I find it hard to understand and I get fustrated but that’s the thing; people see Shakespeare in so many different ways, and can understand it in different ways. Movie directors have been showing their verisons of Shakespeare for years, obviously there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to Shakespeare. And the themes he portrays can still be seen today, and that’s what makes it fun for me. Reading something written so long ago is kind of like a way for me to connect to the past, and I for one am glad for it.


5 thoughts on “What’s up with Shakespeare?

  1. cvetwo says:

    Is anything that comes easily really something a person does or should take pride in? Is there real satisfaction in figuring something out that is obvious and that anyone/everyone can get?


    • magnc8858 says:

      I think everyone should be proud of what they can do, because it comes easily does not mean they should not be proud, but if they are not proud of their talents then maybe they wouldn’t want to do it anymore and that could cause us as a society to lose the passion to do things. They are accomplishing something. I think a person can get real satisfaction because it is not about if everyone else can do it. It is about whether you can do it. And if you figure something out on your own the satisfaction is very real.

  2. kippm6019 says:

    I love Shakespeare too. The deep heart filled language truly is inspiring and beautiful. The reason we read it in school is to embrace our pasts. A future isn’t a future if the past didn’t exist. Being able to glimps back at our roots and see someone like Shakespeare write the way he did is amazing. People don’t speak like that anymore,. But I agree, seeing old things that are still applicable today is mind blowing.

  3. saats9708 says:

    I think it’s interesting how much we can still relate to Shakespeare. We’re still afraid of witches, and boogeymen in the shadows, like Macbeth, and some people still claim to see the future.

  4. schul4745 says:

    It really surprises me that we are able to pull so much from Shakespeare’s works seeing as he wrote to line his pockets with money and that his pieces were usually written for all of the common folk of his time.

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