Naturally Good or Evil?

In Philosophy, our class discussed the question, are humans naturally good or evil?  We were shown pictures of humans doing extraordinary deeds and then told stories about the Holocaust.  Of course, there is the extreme natural good, for example Mother Teresa, and the extreme natural evil, like Hitler. But it made me think are people really born bad or good? No, I don’t think so. Its the environment we grow up in, and the people we surround ourselves with. It is the morals and values our parents teach us, and its the guidance we receive. But it is not just that, it is about our mindset, we wonder who would really be willing to follow Hitler? It was because of a bad mindset at the time. There are many factors that change our mindset. We would all likely be willing to do evil things for good reasons, does that makes us good or evil? There is no black and white answer, everything is grey, and everything in interpreted differently to different people.  I don’t consider myself a naturally good person, because even I have done bad things. But then what does a good person entail? One that does not lie, cheat or steal? But if you lie, what lie was it, to whom, it begs the question are all lies bad?  And if you steal, do you believe you are stealing for a good reason or a bad reason? Certain things can make us “good” or make us “evil”. Can we naturally be good or do we think because we sometimes do good things we are naturally good? In my opinion when you are born you’re a blank state, you can be good or evil at any time, like previously mentioned it depends on how you see things and how you are brought up. Will all humans ever become all naturally good? It may be the one real question of philosophy that can never be truly answered.


4 thoughts on “Naturally Good or Evil?

  1. langc6530 says:

    It’s a question like this that begets the age-old Nature vs. Nurture debate. Personally, I believe that being “good” or “bad” depends quite a bit on upbringing — one that encourages being daring, but discourages outright rebellion. I also like to think that a person’s “goodness” or “badness” quotient is ultimately decided by their intentions.

    Because, y’know, selfless people are always the good guys, it seems.

  2. rotht2168 says:

    I dont think that all humans will become naturally good. There will always be a few people, who choose to act evil. I really enjoyed this blog though

  3. wagls6373 says:

    This really captures the meaning of Fifth Business because of who we grow up with or meet can make us who we are today. It is almost saying choose your friends wisely or we could all become like Hitler. As well I also think that we are not born naturally good or evil like you said, it just comes from time, friends, and those we surround ourselves with.

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